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Jan. 30 Tue - I got to meet Blur again after their in-studio performance at 106.7 FM KROQ & got their autographs; Burbank, CA; around 5:40 pm
In-store/Free show: The Rentals; Tower Records, West Hollywood, CA; 11 pm

Feb. 14 Wed - In-store performance: Salt; Tower Records, West Hollywood, CA

Feb. 16 Fri - "Rock-Style Pinoy II": Horoscope, Heavy Rain, PinkTable, Sisa's Veil; Sun-Wa Chinese Restaurant, Burbank, CA

Feb. 18 Sun - Free Show: Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish; Tower Records, Costa Mesa, CA

Feb. 19 Mon - "Bianca's Hole" featuring Coat, Space Twins*, Shufflepuck, Big Elf; The Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA
* featuring Brian Bell of Weezer

Feb. 24 Sat - "Living Room": Sisa's Veil, PinkTable (acoustic); Collantes' Residence, Van Nuys, CA

Apr. 9 Tue - Techie, Andrew, Jover, Benjie, Richard & I hang out with Melody Del Mundo of Sugar Hiccup; Denny's (Vermont & Beverly) & later at her place in Carson, CA

Apr. 11 Thur - Melody Del Mundo's (Sugar Hiccup) departure for Manila at LAX

Apr. 13 Sat - Sisa's Veil at "Philippine Convention, Exhibition& Food Festival" (2nd stage), Fairplex, Pomona, CA...they played one song, "Hopeless" & they were stopped by the organizers.

Apr. 14 Sun - Sisa's Veil at the same expo...they played 4 songs:"Hopeless", "Stone Heart", "Northstar" & "Call My Name" then were cut-off again!

Apr. 20 Sat - "Spring Break '96 Concert": Heavy Rain, Horoscope, Moonjunkies, Sisa's Veil; Club Horsy, Carson, CA

May 20 Mon - "Bianca's Hole" featuring Pink Fuzz, Brazil 2001, Sparkler; The Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA

May 22 Wed - Sisa's Veil's first gig in the LA music scene (with Shemittah, 6 A.M., Naked Harmony, Shotgun); The Roxy, West Hollywood, CA

May 24 Fri - Sisa's Veil* at "Euro-Manila Series 5"; Club Chattanooga, Glendale, CA
* with guest vocalist, Maida Sunga

June 28 Fri - Xmmaculate's* first gig at "Euro-Manila Series 6", Club Chattanooga, Glendale, CA
* with Joyce, Beng & Techie; Xmmaculate later became "Peach Fantastic"

July 6 Sat - Signal 3 & PinkTable at "A Party Called 2", Barnard's place, LA, CA

Aug. 5 Mon - "Bianca's Hole" featuring Blak Jun, Flutur; The Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA

Aug. 10 Sat - Sisa's Veil at The Whisky Au Go-go, West Hollywood, CA

Aug. 19 Mon - Free Show: Moonpools & Caterpillars (guest: Twenty Cent Crush); The Whisky Au Go-go, West Hollywood, CA

Aug. 23 Fri - "The Filthy Lucre Tour": Sex Pistols (special guests: Goldfinger, Gravity Kills); Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA...I got to meet Johnny Rotten, Glen Matlock & Paul Cook after the show and got their autographs!

Sept. 18 Wed - In-store appearance: Neurotic Outsiders; Tower Records, West Hollywood, CA

Oct. 19 Sat - Free Concert: "Real Radio 97.1 KLSX Fall Ball": The Smithereens, Modern English, Missing Persons (featuring Dale Bozzio); Woodley Park, Van Nuys, CA

Nov. 1 Fri - "No More Trick or Treat '96": Xmmaculate, Two Phases, PinkTable, Sisa's Veil (acoustic); Joyce's place, Glassel Park, LA, CA

Nov. 9 Sat - "Tonypalooza '96": Tony's "infamous" b-day party featuring Signal 3, Blatant Truth, Sisa's Veil

Nov. 13 Wed - Concert: The Wedding Present (special guest: Versus); The Roxy, West Hollywood, CA...I got to meet David Gedge (The Wedding Present, singer/guitarist), the bassist & Versus after the show & got their autographs!

Nov. 24 Sun - Sisa's Veil wins the 3rd Place at the "U.S.-Philippines Expo '96: Battle of the Bands"; Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA (also with: Brown Storm Satin, 1st Place; Heavy Rain)

Nov. 30 Sat - "PMI Reunion": PinkTable (special guests: Sisa's Veil, Two Phases, Melancholics); Tony's Grill, Burbank, CA

Dec. 14 Sat - "The 7th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 1996": Bush, 311, Presidents of the U.S.A., Beck, Orbital, Cake, Eels, Republica, The Wallflowers; Universal Amphitheatre, LA, CA...for the first time, I had a "VIP" backstage pass (courtesy of Prem). We hang out backstage & spotted members of Eels, The Wallflowers, Orbital (while being interviewed for MTV's "120 Minutes" by Matt Pinfield)...also Dexter Holland (The Offspring)

Dec. 29 Sun - I saw myself & Prem on TV! We were in the background during Orbital's interview at the 1996 KROQ Acoustic Christmas. The interview was broadcast during a special edition of "120 Minutes" on MTV...that was my first ever cable tv appearance! =)...showbizzzz!!!! hehehe!
Jan. 4 Sat - Sisa's Veil at the Anti-Club, LA, CA (with Solvent 66, Deborah Bartley, Orchard, The Darryls)

Feb. 9 Sun - "Poptopia '97": The Shakes, The Psycho Cats, Dream World; Jack's Sugar Shack, Hollywood, CA...This was the last night of the week-long festival.

Feb. 11 Tue - In-store performance: Red Kross; Aron's Records, Hollywood, CA

Feb. 23 Sun - "The Smiths Convention 1997" (appearing in-person: Mike Joyce & Andy Rourke); Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA...At one point, I got to be Andy Rourke's "assistant"!

Feb. 27 Thur - KROQ Night/Free Show: Bang! (featuring Dave Wakeling*); Aftershock, Studio City, CA...I got his autograph!
* Dave Wakeling is a founding member of The English Beat & General Public

Apr. 19 Sat - "The Pre-Raphaelite Brothers XV Anniversary Reunion Tour": Gene Loves Jezebel (guest: Lyme); Billboard Live, West Hollywood, CA...I got to meet & chat with Michael Aston after the show. I missed Lyme & GLJ's first set

Apr. 27 Sun - Eraserheads & entourage arrives at LAX, 7:11 pm.

Apr. 29 Tue - Eraserheads LA Press Conference; The New Otani Hotel, LA, CA

May 1 Thur - Eraserheads appearance at Max's Restaurant, Artesia, CA...with performances by Sisa's Veil, PinkTable & Brown Storm Satin

May 2 Fri - "A Hundred Years After...": Eraserheads (guest: PinkTable); The Palace, Hollywood, CA...This is Eraserheads' first ever US show. Produced by KingInA Productions.

May 10 Sat - Concert: Eraserheads (guest: Sin); Calvin Simmons Theatre, Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA

June 14 Sat - "5th Annual KROQ Weenie Roast & Luau": The Cure, The Offspring, Chemical Brothers, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Blur, Social Distortion, The Wallflowers, Third Eye Blind, Radiohead*, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish*, Squirrel Nut Zippers (2nd stage: Descendents, That Dog, Agnes Gooch, Save Ferris, Ozomatli*); Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA...Highlight: Echo & the Bunnymen's comeback performance with Ian McCulloch back on vocals after almost a decade!
* I missed these acts

July 19 Sat - "Pinoy Woodstuck": Evolution, Mungo, Heavy Rain, J.P. Rizal, Flattbush, Pure Led, Mango Pirates, TC2, Analgesia, Espiritu Ni Kuto, PinkTable; Club Horsy, Carson, CA

Aug. 17 Sun - "The Depeche Mode Convention"; The Palace, Hollywood, CA

Aug. 27 Wed - Album release midnight sale: Oasis' "Be Here Now"; Virgin Megastore, Hollywood, CA...I got a free KROQ/Oasis t-shirt!

Sept. 4 Thur - I called up the Eraserheads at their hotel room in New York to congratulate them after winning the 1997 MTV Asia Viewer's Choice Award for "Ang Huling El Bimbo"...The idea of Happy Box was born!

Sept. 11 Thur - Eraserheads' sixth album, "Sticker Happy" is released! Check out our names in the song "Balikbayan Box"...("walang maintindihan. dumating si allen, haro, maida at levan")

Sept. 27 Sat - My zine, "Bootleg!" is officially released at "Lokalpinoysila'97". Limited copies of 50 only!!!
"Lokalpinoysila: The Second Coming": Melancholics, Peach Fantastic, Mango Pirates, Sisa's Veil, S.A.S.; Anjel's Club, Glendale, CA

Oct. 6 Mon - Happy Box is officially registered at the LA County Registrar's Office

Oct. 27 Mon - In-store appearance: The Cure; Virgin Megastore, Hollywood, CA...There were thousands of people that I didn't even stay anymore!

Dec. 13 Sat - Signal 3 at Club Chorus, LA, CA (with The Bugs)

Dec. 20 Sat - "KingInxmAsParty: All Night Jamming":PinkTable; Fais-Do-Do, LA, CA...I got to meet ex-White Zombie drummer Ivan De Prume
Jan. 17 Sat - The first official HAPPY BOX general meeting for Eraserheads' "The Sticker Happy Parade! - California Spring 1998" shows; Czara Jane DeLa Llana's residence, Mission Hills, CA

Jan. 27 Tue - "All Around The World" USA & Canada 1998: Oasis (special guest: Cornershop); Universal Amphitheatre, LA, CA...After a successful "Mission Impossible"-strategy, my friend Eric & I met our all-time favorite lead singer, Liam Gallagher at the back area of the venue at around 6pm (two hours before the show!). It was just me, Eric & Liam! We took pictures with him and got his autograph. He's such a very nice fellow. That was my "Liam Adventure No. 2."...Later that night outside the after-show party, we met Gwen Stefani & Tony Kanal of No Doubt

Jan. 28 Wed - I went to the second night of the Oasis show (same venue / same support act) with my brother Haro & friends, Czara, JunJun & Janina...I had another encounter with Liam Gallagher. During Cornershop's set, I saw two guys came & sat two rows in front of us in the orchestra section of the amphitheater. I thought one of them was a Liam-lookalike; but it was actually the Liam. After a few minutes, Liam & his buddy, probably one of his roadies, got up & went to sit somewhere in the middle section. We tried to stalk them but we couldn't keep track so we gave up. During the last two songs of Cornershop, I saw Liam coming down the center aisle towards the orchestra pit. I immediately went to the "Artists Entrance" & waited. Liam finally came & asked him to pose for my camera. He did! He was standing right in front of me for about 10 secs. but unfortunately my camera jammed! He just then gave me a hug, grabbed my head & started messing up my hair...hehehe! That was really funny! Just as before I could try to take his picture, he was quickly nabbed by one of his roadies into the off limits section. That's "Liam Adventure No. 3."

Feb. 7 Sat - Concert: The Sisters Of Mercy; Hollywood Palladium, L.A., CA...Barnard & I, with some Brazilian fans/tourists waited for about an hour and a half to see & get Andrew Eldritch's autograph after their concert outside the venue. It was raining & we were soaking wet. Finally, he came out but rushed all the way to this waiting car. He didn't even stop by to greet us...Oh well, that was a real bummer!

Apr. 26 Sun - "Mad Dogs And Englishmen On Tour": Madness (special guests: Royal Crown Revue, Dance Hall Crashers*, Hepcat*, Turnstiles*); Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA...Their first ever US tour since the early 80's!
* I missed these acts

Apr. 29 Wed - Happy Box's first clients, Eraserheads & their entourage arrive from Manila, Philippines at San Francisco International Airport

May 2 Sat - Happy Box presents: "The Sticker Happy Parade! - California Spring 1998": Eraserheads (guests: Mungo / Next Level); Calvin Simmons Theatre (Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center), Oakland, CA

May 9 Sat - Happy Box presents: "The Sticker Happy Parade! - California Spring 1998": Eraserheads (guests: Six Years Into / D-Sector); John A. Sexson Auditorium (Pasadena City College), Pasadena, CA

May 14 Thur - Eraserheads, the crew & I fly to New York for 3 shows...(my first time in the Big Apple!)

May 15 Fri - Eraserheads (pre-concert gig); Bistro Filipino, Queens, NY

May 16 Sat - "Harana Sa New York": Eraserheads; Murry Bergtraum Hall, New York, NY

May 17 Sun - Eraserheads (free mini-show); CBGB Gallery, Manhattan, NY. After about 5 hours, we flew back to L.A...At 10 pm that same night, Eraserheads & crew flew back to the Philippines

June 20 Sat - "The 6th Annual KROQ Weenie Roast & Fiesta": Prodigy*, Green Day, Madness, Third Eye Blind**, Save Ferris, The Wallflowers, Everclear, Blink 182, Cherry Poppin' Daddies*, Creed*, Marcy's Playground*, Fastball*, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy* (2nd stage: Harvey Danger*, Deftones**, Ozomatli*, Sprung Monkey*); Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA
* I missed these acts
** I saw parts of their sets

Aug. 5 Wed - Happy Box presents: "Lokalpinoysila98: Version 1.0": Alterground, Signal 3, Mungo, Skwarel, Sickstrings (special guest: Eraserheads); The Loft, Pasadena, CA

Aug. 7 Fri - Happy Box presents: "The Sticker Happy Parade! - California Summer 1998": Eraserheads (guests: Six Years Into / Skwarel);Holiday Inn Music Hall, National City, CA

Aug. 26 Wed - Concert: The Charlatans UK; John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood, CA

Sept. 12 Sat - "1998 Festival of Philippines Arts & Culture": Julie Plug; Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, CA

Sept. 30 Wed - Club gig: Macaw, The Creeps, Synk; Colourbox, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA...There was this guy who told me that the stool I was sitting on at the bar was sat on by Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, etc...cool!..(this is my first visit to the Pacific Northwest!)

Sept. 31 Thur - Around 7 am, my friend in Seattle, Rex & I went to visit Kurt Cobain's old house at 171 Lake Washington Bl. East. The house where he was found dead!. This is one spooky visit though...As we were checking out the makeshift "Kurt's Park" benches where fans had written messages all over it, the air was suddenly filled with this weird, "varnish-chemical type" smell. Rex didn't really know anything about Nirvana nor Kurt. He was asking me all these questions like, "what songs did they play?", etc...Then the spookier part came! As we got back to the car, I immediately turned the radio on & tuned into Seattle's alt-rock station KNDD The End. "The Dope Show" by Marilyn Manson was playing as we were driving away. Rex was still asking me questions & barely 3 minutes away from Kurt's house, the next song that played was.....Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"!!! Was that a coincidence or what...or was it an actual haunting of the once popular rockstar named, Kurt Cobain? I dunno, you figure it out!

Oct. 3 Sat - "U.S. Tour '98": Rivermaya (guest: Peach Fantastic); Grand Olympic Auditorium, L.A., CA...This is Rivermaya.'s first ever US show. Produced by Polluted Mind Independent, Ltd.

Oct. 17 Sat - bootleg!, in cooperation with Happy Box presents: "P-Noize Sessions": PinkTable, Signal 3, Mazinger Z, The Jhuts, Sickstrings, Headaches; Club Chorus, L.A., CA...(my first ever solo live music club/production!)

Oct. 24 Sat - KROQ Free Show: Reel Big Fish, Local H, Ozomatli; Santa Anita Park (infield), Arcadia, CA

Dec. 22 Tue - "The Singles Tour 86-98": Depeche Mode (special guest: Stabbing Westward); The Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA...After going thru a few security harrassments, a custodian guy finally got the set list for me. I gave him $10 for it!
Feb. 27 Sat - bootleg! and Gage Street present: "P-Noize Sessions: Take 2": Peach Fantastic, Six Years Into, Acid Rain, E:Trinity, Sub-Atomic Six; Club Chorus, L.A., CA

Mar. 14 Sun - KROQ Free Show: Fishbone, Goldfinger, Zebrahead, Buck-O-Nine*; Santa Anita Park (infield), Arcadia, CA
* I missed this act

Mar. 15 Mon - Free concert: Downset.; Troubadour, West L.A., CA...I also met Mixmaster Mike (Beastie Boys' DJ, Invisible Skratch Piklz) outside the venue before the free show

Mar. 27 Sat - bootleg! and Gage Street present: "P-Noize Sessions: The Final Mix...LOUDER!!!": Signal 3, Acid Rain, Mazinger Z, Overheat, Flattbush; Club Chorus, L.A., CA

Apr. 18 Sun - "Rock Is Dead! Tour": Korn, Rob Zombie (special guest: Videodrone); Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion, Devore, CA

Aug. 10 Tue - "Tour '99": R.E.M. (special guest: Mercury Rev); The Greek Theatre, L.A, CA

Sept. 15 Wed - Concert: The Church (special guest: Ester); The House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA...Their set was 2 songs short due to Marty Piper walking off the stage!

Sept. 25 Sat - "Himig Sikan'99": Signal 3, Acid Rain, Fall Out, Alterground, Ube Wan Kamote, Bury The Corpse, Two-Headed Chang, DKN'SYNC, plus djs: Noisebox; Naga Night Club, Long Beach, CA

Oct. 5 Tue - Concert: The Damned; The House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA...I actually saw the show thru the TV monitors outside the club. I got to meet Dave Vanian & Captain Sensible after the show.

Oct. 18 Mon - Concert: Stereophonics; The Whiskey A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA...I was just outside & met Kelly & Richard Jones after the show

Oct. 19 Tue - Free Show: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy; Tower Records, West Hollywood, CA

Nov. 12 Fri - I sent a copy of Eraserheads' "Aloha Milkyway" CD to KROQ-FM's Rodney "On The Roq" Bingenheimer, hoping that he'd play it

Nov. 13 Sat - KROQ 2000 Calendar Signing featuring all the disc jocks (including Rodney) with a free show by System Of A Down; Best Buy parking lot, Pasadena, CA

Nov. 28 Mon - After 2 weeks of waiting, Eraserheads' first ever US radio airplay at "The Rodney On The Roq Show" on KROQ-FM.
Rodney Bingenheimer played:
"Hard To Believe" -12:45 am
"Julie Tearjerky" -1:42 am
"Scorpio Rising" - 1:50 am

Dec. 6 Mon - I sent another Eraserheads CD called, "Fruitcake" (the christmas album) to Rodney Bingenheimer

Dec. 11 Sun - "The 10th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 1999": Bush, Blink 182, Rob Zombie, Beck, Tori Amos, Foo Fighters*, Fiona Apple, Oasis**, 311, Save Ferris, Powerman 5000; The Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA
* Ex-Foo Pat Smear joins the band for one song
** Oasis' first ever L.A. appearance featuring the new line-up with Gem Archer & Andy Bell

Dec. 13 Mon - Rodney On The Roq played Eraserheads' "Milk And Money" on KROQ-FM; 2 am

Dec. 20 Mon - Rodney On The Roq played Eraserheads' "Christmas Party" on KROQ-FM; 12:45 am
Feb. 19 Sat - After the special mini-club tour, The Cure at The Palace, Hollywood, CA. I met original Cure, Lol Tolhurst

Mar. 3 Fri - Concert: Morrissey (special guest: Phantom Planet); Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA

Mar. 26 Sun - "Us & Only Us Tour": The Charlatans UK (special guest: Stereophonics); The Glass House, Pomona, CA

Apr. 9 Sun - "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" Tour: Oasis (special guest: Travis); Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA

May 13 Sat - I flew to New York for "The Pop Machine Tour - USA2000"

May 15 Mon - My friends, Stephen, Katrina & I went to check out John Lennon's Imagine memorial at Central Park, NY

May 18 Thur - Eraserheads & crew arrive at JFK Airport, New York, on TWA Flight 702, 6:09 am

May 19 Fri - Eraserheads (guests: Basement 31, Black Sunny); Colden Center for the Performing Arts (Queens College - CUNY), Flushing, NY

May 20 Sat - I took a 7-hour Greyhound bus trip to Toronto, Canada. I was in Toronto until the 23rd

May 24 Wed - Stephen, Day & I drove from New York to Chicago, IL. It was about a 12-hour trip!

May 27 Sat - BrownOdds Productions in cooperation with Happy Box presents: Eraserheads (guest: Brown Odds); North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, IL...Fatal Posporos' drummer, Annette Ortiz played drums on one song!

May 28 Sun - Happy Box, Eraserheads & crew flew back to L.A. from Chicago on three separate flights
"The Dream Tour": The Cure; Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre*, Irvine, CA (Our special treat for Eraserheads!)
* formerly known as Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre

June 2 Fri - Synchronicity Productions in cooperation with Happy Box presents: Eraserheads (guests: Love Daria, Nuisance, Acid Rain); Cactus Club, San Jose, CA

June 3 Sat - Happy Box presents: Eraserheads (guests: Alterground, Acid Rain); The Palace, Hollywood, CA...Fatal Posporos' drummer, Annette Ortiz played drums on one song!

June 10 Sat - Eraserheads (guests: Acid Rain, Lost In America.); Scottish Rite Center, San Diego, CA...Eraserheads featured substitute drummers: Haro (Happy Box), Mario (Acid Rain) & their roadie, Gary. Drummer Raimund Marasigan had to leave days before the show due to emergency

June 11 Sun - Eraserheads leaves for Manila

June 30 Fri - Concert: Van's Warped Tour '00: Arrowhead Pond (parking lot), Anaheim, CA

Aug. 3 Thur - "The Summer Road Trip 2000": The B-52's, The Go-Go's (special guest: The Psychedelic Furs); The Greek Theatre, L.A., CA...B-52's Fred Schneider joined The Go-Go's in one of the songs)

Aug. 14 Mon - Free "protest" concert: Rage Against The Machine; during the National Democratic Convention 2000, across the Staples Center, downtown L.A.; 6:45 pm - 7:20 pm..About 40 minutes after the show, a mini-riot started...Good thing we were leaving already

Sept. 21 Thur - Club gig: Earth Crisis, Glass Jaw, Strife, Drowning Man, plus more...; The Whiskey A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA

Sept. 30 Sat - Gage Street & Happy Box present: "Jologz Fezt": Distorted Youth, Sickstrings, Lost In America, FallOut, Acid Rain, Signal 3, Flattbush, Pandora's Box, Noise Barrage, Ungrateful Bastard, Knime; FACLA Hall, L.A., CA

Oct. 5 Thur - "The Man Who Tour": Travis (special guest: Remy Zero); Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City CA

Oct. 21 Sat - KROQ Flashback Free Concert: Modern English, Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel; Santa Anita Park (infield), Arcadia, CA

Oct. 25 Wed - Concert: Foo Fighters (special guest: Queens Of The Stone Age); Universal Amphitheatre Universal City, CA

Oct. 28 Sat - "Binaural" North American Tour 2000: Pearl Jam (special guest: Supergrass); Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, CA

Oct 30 Sat - Concert: Tom Tom Club (special guest: Live Human); Key Club, West Hollywood, CA

Nov 4 Sat - Happy Box & Gage Street present: "HB.3"*:Flattbush, Lost In America., Sixty Three**, Godkiller, Pandora's Box, Fleerbox, Ungrateful Bastards; SIPA, L.A. CA
* Happy Box's 3rd year anniversary celebration
** 2-song teaser "unofficial" first gig

Nov. 15 Wed - In-store performance: Grandaddy; Virgin Megastore, West Hollywood, CA

Nov. 24 Fri - "California Tour 2000"*: The Chameleons UK (guest: The Bellows); Troubadour, West L.A., CA

Nov. 25 Sat - "California Tour 2000"*: The Chameleons UK (guest: The Bellows); Spaceland, L.A., CA
* First ever LA shows since 1987 featuring the classic line-up!

Dec. 9 Sat - Happy Box & Gage Street present: "JF2: Return Of The Jologz": Soundcheck, Last Call, FallOut, Ungrateful Bastards, Pandora's Box, Lost In America., Acid Rain, Sixty Three, Virgins; FACLA Hall, L.A., CA

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