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the shadow cabinet

schizo's fascinating world of rock & roll garbage

For over two decades now, I've been an "alternative" music fanatic. This is my life! I go to a lot of shows;
whether they're major concerts, small club gigs or in-store appearances.
And to make one event complete, there are five things that I "must" do (if possible):

take pictures, record it on audio and/or video, get the set list,
get the band members' autographs and take pictures with them!
...These are the ultimate souvenirs!

Another aspect of my so-called "life" is collecting all sorts of stuff, which I fondly refer to as "trash"...well, they are!...hehehe!:
vinyl records, CDs, tapes and videos (especially those promos & bootlegs!);
photographs, stickers, shirts, ticket stubs, wristbands, backstage passes, set lists,
flyers/adverts/handbills, autographs, posters, etc...

Most of these are kept by volumes in my "alternative scrapbook."

Now with this web site, I'll be able to share (read: "show off") an "incomplete version" to the Whole Wide World!!!

P.S.: Yes, I'm pretty much back & kinda active once again after being "inactive" from 2007 to 2014 =)

LSD - 02.12.99 (updated: 08.30.2017)

Experience...My Rock & Roll Lifestyle!